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Płock Doors

Płock Doors were cast in bronze in the years 1152-1154 in Magdeburg, on the order of the then bishop of Płock, Alexander of Malonne.

Today only the replica of the doors can be admired in the Płock cathedral as the original ones were transported to Velikiy Novgorod.

The doors are 3.6 metres high, 1.2 metres wide each. They are divided into 26 boxes covered with 49 plates, the boxes being divided by a trim with plant ornaments. The doors present scenes from the New and the Old Testament, fantastic and allegorical characters.

The Płock Doors, together with the Gniezno Doors, are among the greatest works of the kind in the 12th-century Europe, due to – among other things – the drawings on the doors and the artistry they were made with.


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